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Where is the best law school in the world?

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Thane Messinger:

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There are the usual suspects, of course--Oxbridge, Paris, Tokyo--usually because the competition is so fierce (with Tokyo and other Asian schools making Yale look a bit tepid by comparison).  The Gourman Report is (or was) the reference for international comparisons--loose as those necessarily are--for those blue-bloods out there.  I've no idea if there's a link, as they are (were) an old-fogey reference, long since overtaken by US News. 

More to the point, anyone attending any Top 5 law school in the U.S. or any Top 2 law school anywhere else can get a cappuccino with surprising efficacy.


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I went to the University of Southern California Gould School of Law and I can make tons of money.  That was ranked 17 back then.  I am thinking about going back to law school to finish, although I have my doubts that I'll return to USC.

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You might check out a reference as to finishing at a different school:  Art of the Law School Transfer.

The process is quite detailed and filled with its own dramas.  It is also quite deadline-focused.


There are some good law schools in London too you can also try there to get your law information.

Julie Fern:
you fountain of useless information.

Go to Harvard, you do not need to practice after you pass the bar but you can be a law professor and then a politician and never have  to listen to any client or go to court.  But it would help to have some claims to protected class status or be the offspring of hereditary politicians or the power elite.

There is no such thing as the best law university in the world. Every country have different laws, so it cannot be universal.
How ever each one of us can contribute to naming a particular school the best, by all voicing our opinion.
Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia are recognized around the world, and they have been rated by business and the administration staff.

But what do students actually think of it?

You should let us know:


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