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Where is the best law school in the world?

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Where's the best law school in the world?  The first time I attended a law school I went to the University of Southern California.  I dropped out and now I want to go back somewhere.  So, where is the best law school?  Here, in the states, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale are kings; but what about elsewhere around the world.  For example, if I want to focus on international practice, should I stay in the states or go to law school overseas?  Is there a law school in Europe that is more prestigious than Harvard, Stanford, or Yale?

Presumptuous much?

Maintain FL 350:
That's a tough question because law is so unique to the individual country. In other words, there really is no "global" law school. However, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, etc. are probably the closest thing to the best law school internationally. A good indication of this is how many foreign students each attracts. Many foreign students apply to LL.M programs at top U.S. law schools, far more than any other country in the world. Some remain in the U.S. and others return home after graduating. But here's the point: even if you're a Chinese lawyer in Beijing, or a Brasilian lawyer in Rio, an LL.M from Harvard is still considered entirely badass. Everywhere you go, that degree is instantly recognizable and respected.

You might be able to say the same about Oxford or Cambridge, but Harvard and Yale are generally (not just for law) considered the top universities in the world. Statistically it's much tougher to get into many top U.S. universities than it is to get accepted at Ox/Cam. In fact, it's a funny thing about the U.S. that we have such crappy k-12 education but such great universities. The Chinese govt sponsored a ranking of international universities a few years ago, and I believe 17 out of the the top 20 were in the U.S. As far as other internationally recognized law schools, I think that their reputations are far more limited. The universities of Sydney, Munich, Tokyo, and Toronto are all very well respected in law within their regions, but I don't know that they carry the same weight as the top ten or so U.S. schools followed by Oxford and Cambridge. 

Julie Fern:
it floating in carribbean.

i thing Villanova School of Law is the best in 299 North Spring Mill Road  Villanova, PA 19085, United States
(610) 519-7000s


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