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Hi everybody!

I am a French and American student, in Assas (paris-2), and I was in my first year, I failed, but I am redoing it next year.  Currently on summer vacation, I wanted to know if you all, had an advice for 1L or L1 in French ;)

Like schedule-wise, or organization... I try to be organized, well I am organized for 2 weeks, and then it's chaos again...

Anyways, thanks for your imput. 

a bientot, Sophie

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Bonjour, Sophie. I know several people here in California who were not able to advance to the second year due to poor grades. Those who retook the first year have all had much better results the second time around. I think what you may need to do is get a calendar and block out the times that you do not have available to study, whether due to work, class, or whatever. Then you can determine when your schedule will afford you the time to study. Make yourself a schedule and discipline yourself to stick to it.

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Actually in september, I have a "rattrapage" session, it means, I can retake all the classes I've failed, to see if I can pass in 2L or L2 I never know how you say it lol.  Anyways, I've made a schedule, and took my 1st and 2nd seester schedules, and modified them to fit for my summer. 

If on monday (1st semester) I had economics for 3 hours, then during my vacation, each monday, I will do 3 hours of economics, and tuesdays 3h of constitutionnal law and 3 hours of civil law etc...

Do you see what I mean? Does it seem okay to retake my schedules, and follow them?

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Bonjour, Sophie. I think most of us on this board are at American law schools, and are not familiar with the requirements of French law schools. Therefore, it's difficult to offer any meaningful advice. You are the best judge of your own abilities. Try to be as disciplined as possible, and don't take on more academic work than you can reasonably handle.

If you had trouble the first time you took these classes, try to figure out why. Not enough study time? Too many classes? Maybe you don't really like law and would prefer to study something else? Only you can answer these questions. Once you know the answer, ask yourself what you will need to change in order to pass your courses.

I wish I could offer better advice, but I just don't know the system at Paris-2! Good Luck!

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Thanks anyway :)