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Hey y'all - first post here.  I'm having trouble getting a transcript to an institution I attended MANY years ago.  The institution has searched their computers and their off-site storage for any record of me, but, does not exist.  Of course, my student loans are showing I went to that school.  I have already entered it as an institution on LSAC.  The state is not helpful (education department).  What should I do?  Does LSAC accept a certified letter in lieu of a transcript or should I ask them to delete it off my institutions attended list?  Thanks so much.

My initial reaction is that you should call LSAC and ask them the question in the same way you asked us.   As a non-traditional student who attended both "for-credit" and "sponsored-by" workshops and classes at several colleges (and kept lousy records because I wasn't doing it for the credit), I spent considerable time on the phone with LSAC trying to straighten out issues like this one.  LSAC was very helpful.

SaraJean is right. LSAC is very helpful on the phone, they actually care about their support system :) If you don't want to give them a call, you can write them an email and explain your situation.


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