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Northern Kentucky ( Salmon Chase)


Anyone had any good or bad experiences here? Im seriously considering, so any input would be nice, thanks.

Did you check this school in lawschoolnumbers? Wish I could help, but don't know anything about this school.

There is only one review I can find anywhere, and it is pretty good. But still Id like to get more than one. Yeah Ive read info off law school numbers and other sources, but just kind find any reviews.
What about Southern ILL U in Carbondale? Anyone have any opinion on that school?

Now S. IL? Yes, I have heard a little.  Its affordable, but the market is a little small-  Can't compete in Chi, but in southern IL they do ok. 

I think I met an attorney that went there once and she seemed successful and content.  Versus the droves of Cooley and FL Coastal grads I've met who loath the day the started law school.

I wish I could be more helpful.  Are either of these on TLS?  Might want to try to use google to back search LSD.  This site was 100X more useful 5 or 6 years ago.  Almost dead now. GL


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