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Vermont Law?

Re: Vermont Law?
« Reply #10 on: May 29, 2012, 04:04:44 PM »
If you're not in a rush to start law school, you could reapply to Maine as Fortook suggested. You could also take a shot a UConn (I believe they have a part-time program which is probably easier to get into), UNH's new law school (formerly FP?), and UMass's new law school. If you establish residency in one of these states, you'd save tens of thousands in tuition over VT.

Re: Vermont Law?
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I don't know the VT market. Maine is a school I personally like. Do they have a market in VT? Idk. UConn probably does in all of NE, but again VT is small, Idk. Addressing the residency issue: there is a level in between in-state and out-of-state in New England.  You may not need in-state residency to save substantially on tuition.  I was thinking because of that most VT (and NH) attorneys go to ME or CT. 

I'm not directly trying to discourage you from VLS, like some others.  VLS may be a force in VT, I'm actually curious about that. Just saying the market in VT is tiny and consequently influenced by other NE states.  Influenced more than a very expensive private school sat in the middle of nowhere rather than an urban setting where it could affect influence? Idk.

My buddy went there not caring about any of that because he knew he wanted to practice in the South East, if all their alums think that way and are neither from VT or stay, then....

I don't really know the VT market or VLS, just speculating trying to figure out the relative situation.  Interesting for me, very important for you.  Good luck.