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TAP vs AAMPLE 2012

Re: TAP vs AAMPLE 2012
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taxguy I take it that you and your son are both attorneys now? That must be kind of fun.

Re: TAP vs AAMPLE 2012
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The AAMPLE program is.....  tough. A lot of reading, a lot of problems.
In the end, (if you do everything your told) it's going to be worth it.
I actually went to Jacksonville, FL for 6 weeks and participated in class session. I learn better in class verses online. Both, the online and in class sessions are amazingly similar.  The professors were nice, knew what they were talking about. There are NO office hours for the AAMPLE students... because they want to make sure the online students have the same advantages as the classroom students. You can ask questions in class but that's it. There are NO quizes (non- graded) nor exams, ONLY your final exam- which is done online.

You can email me for Notes, outlines for the aample program.