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Anyone else waiting on a decision from IU Indy


I applied December 2011, was notified "in review" on April 10, 2012, still wating.  Anyone else waiting or have any idea how long they take?

I found out 4/28 that I was waitlisted.  I was complete 1/27 but didn't go into review until 4/18.

Thanks fo rthe info. I just checked and my status was updated to 5/1/2012, "in review'.  The waiting is the hard part...

Congratulations on going into review.  I think I stayed in review for a week before I was waitlisted.  I think that is around the average amount of time people have waited, though some have been much longer. Best of luck to you.

I just got in on July 27th. Now I have to find an apartment and move 6 hours to there..(Joy..), lol.


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