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So Many Wait Lists!!!!

Re: So Many Wait Lists!!!!
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Haven't heard much about Dean, couldn't really hang in.  Last I heard he was DNC chair a few years back. I never even got to know his politics too well, that scream ended him quick. Wasn't very marvelous.

OP, did you get off a wl yet? Fingers crossed with Penn :).

Saw Dean the other day on msnbc--he was trying to give Obama advice about how to take on Romney via Chris Matthew's show.  They don't like the White House going negative. 

What gives with some of the mods?  They just delete posts when they feel like it or ban people with whom they don't agree?  That's bogus.  I think the one moderator is bluewarrior and that guy has been posting since 2004.  It's a little hypocritical especially with this being a law school discussion forum.