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1L Commuting- Need your opinions

Re: 1L Commuting- Need your opinions
« Reply #10 on: May 14, 2012, 04:22:52 PM »
Unbiased, it does sound a bit odd to me that you would rather go into more debt and spend your retirement money on a legal education for your daughter who is just kind of stomping her feet and saying no.  Save your money.  Since you were going to lease her a car anyway, why not just do that, let her commute and save yourself a few bucks?  Unless you are worried that her boyfriend will interfere with her studies, in which case, don't pay for law school for her.   I appreciate you want what is best for your daughter, but spending all your retirement so she can pout about not living with her boyfriend doesn't seem very practical to me.  If she really wants to be a lawyer, she will whether she lives with her boyfriend or not.  However, if you are pushing her to go by offering to pay for everything, she is going to flunk out.  So don't waste your time.  Law school is hard already, but if she doesn't really want it, she'll never make it past her first year - trust me.