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Goats filled with seamen from Star Wars? Too far, even for me.

They must be witches.


--- Quote from: sollicitus on April 10, 2012, 07:23:00 PM ---Which is worth enrolling in more, an MBA or an LLM? (assuming you already have a JD or are jointly enrolled) and why?

--- End quote ---

I will, inadvertently, be a JD/MBA if I ever finish law school.  I got my MBA a long time ago.

Probably the best quote I ever heard about JD/MBA is that a better name for it would be "dumb and dumber".

I suppose, somewhere, there are additional opportunties available if you have a JD/MBA versus merely having a JD.  I will say I don't know of a single one and that it may long odds to find one.

When you say LLM, do you mean an LLM in Tax or something else?  LLM in Tax is worthwhile.  LLM in nearly anything else seems pretty pointless, but then that's just the opinion of a barely 2L.


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