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How do I reach summer associates?

How do I reach summer associates?
« on: April 10, 2012, 04:11:18 AM »
Hello All,

(Before anyone goes on the warpath, please note that I have not included a link to my product or website - this is a legit question!)

Does anyone have any ideas about how to reach soon-to-be summer associates?

I'm an attorney who recently left BigLaw and now works at a non-profit.  I'm also trying my hand at some entrepreneurial efforts.  One of this is an online audio/text course for summer associates to help them succeed in their position.  Obviously the target audience is summer associates, though I've also thought of law firms themselves and law schools as potential secondary markets (that might buy for their summers).

I'm a little stumped about how to get my product in front of summer associates.  I've emailed universities without too much luck so far, done some facebook ads, a guest blog post or two.

Where do you hang out online? (I'll probably do an ad here).  Specifically, blogs that tend to have a law student focus.  Any suggestions on other avenues to explore?

Again - no links to my product here - I'm not trying to sell it to you.  I'm just legitimately stumped about how to reach out to people who I think would be legitimately interested in what I've created.