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How can I improve my reading?

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Hi Javier,

Congratulations on your commitment to improve on the LSAT.

Your problems with the LSAT are very common.

In fact, many LSAT preparation companies offer specific classes to help you with LSAT Reading Comprehension or speed.

For instance, our reading comprehension mini-workshop helps you review relevant grammar, teaches you how to spot the main points of paragraphs and entire passages, and how to manage your time to answer every question in the section.

Since you are self-studying, first brush up your grammar, like Jeffort suggests, and make sure you can spot the main point of every sentence and paragraph.

To score well on the LSAT, you must also develop good time management skills.

You will need a sense for how much time to spend per question or passage, and when to move on.

Again, many LSAT prep companies offer mini workshops related to improving your LSAT speed.

The bottom-line is that if you are trying to improve your LSAT reading skills or speed, do so in increments; and track your results to see what’s helping.

I've learn many things from LSAT.. I am glad to read this, so greatly appreciated the writer.


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