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Part-time N.C. Central, Charlotte or Chas.?

Part-time N.C. Central, Charlotte or Chas.?
« on: March 14, 2012, 06:00:06 AM »
I originally posted this under non-traditional students but recieved little comment. I have now noticed there are a lot of viewers but few comments or replies to questions. Does anyone know of other discussion boards?
Hi. I am 31, the mother of two small children ( kindergarten and preschool) married to a solo practioner in rural NC. I currently work full-time as a reporter but have decided I am up for the challenge of law school. My husband is very supportive of the idea but due to living atleast two to three hours from any law schools I am thinking a part-time program would be best. My husband has a well-established practice and I do not want him to leave it.
With that said, N.C. Central, Charlotte School of Law and Charleston School of law (with part time programs) appear to be my only options granted I get in. All are three-day per week programs and my intent is to get a place near the school and stay there 2 to 3 nights a week --hoping for minimal impact on children as with my work I am gone 2 to 3 nights a week anyway.
I am fortunate to have my husband's practice waiting for me when I graduate so I am not as concerned about the lack of prestige for the newer schools (Charleston and Charlotte) that offer the part-time programs compared with other schools. Should I be?
Is anyone here planning to attend law school within such a distance from family and keep up a twice a week commute?
I am prepping for the LSAT now but also wondering if I should go ahead and quit my job to focus on preparing for the LSAT.
Any advice