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For some reason, there has been a lot of negative discussion relating to TU on this board so please allow me to pump some sunshine about TU Law.

First, in the last three years we have climbed 48 spots in the U.S. News and World Reports Law School Rankings. This means the 3L's enrolled today were admitted to a Tier IV school and will be getting a degree from a Tier II school.

Second, this is only a personal anecdote but I am graduating with low, low, five figure debt that I should be able to pay off in a year and a job. While at TU I've been offered five job opportunities in Tulsa and OKC. Anybody who tells you the job market in this area is soft does not know what they are talking about.

Third, I received a scholarship from TU and kept it all three years. The grading curve is not hard and if you are willing to put in the time and effort you will keep your scholarship. I was also able to get another scholarship from a local energy company that helped pay for school while I was enrolled.

Fourth, the staff and faculty here are amazing. I got into all three Oklahoma law schools and TU was the only one that felt like home.

Fifth, we've rocketed through the rankings over the past three years and I see no reason to believe this will stop. Going to TU is like buying Google at the IPO and selling at its peak. I have loved my time here.

I visited Tulsa when I was making my decision, and I was quite impressed with the facilities, and everyone I met. I would recommend it to anyone interested in working in the region. It is also quite reasonably priced, and living expenses in Tulsa are not bad.

I do want to point out that the rankings for tier 2,3,4 schools are meaningless though. Tulsa has shot up 48 spots in your two years, but what has really changed at Tulsa? Your classmates are still the same, your professors are the same, and the school is still in Tulsa. My school has risen and dropped so many times in the rankings since I graduated I stopped caring. It is very possible Tulsa will be in an 7 way tie for 119th place next year. As Stetson, Little Rock, Akron, Howard, Maine, St. Thomas, and Vermont are.

Tulsa did seem like a nice school, but moving to 99th or falling to an 7 way tie to 119th won't make much of a difference either way in your legal career. However, better to go up than down I suppose it still doesn't matter. It is also good to hear you enjoyed your experience there, it truly did seem like a good place to go to law school

Were your scholarships easy to hold onto? I've heard Tulsa has a pretty harsh grading curve in order to keep students from transferring and/or renewing scholarships.

Who said this is a bad school? Old rankings don't count anymore, there are good schools that dropped a few spots and made room for improved schools so, yeah, TU is ok to get into now.

The rankings mean very little I received a full scholarship to Tulsa years ago and it was tier 4 now it would be tier 2 and I am sure in 3 years it will be tier 4 then down to tier 2. The rankings change drastically year to year and are based on literally nothing. Remember U.S. ranks more than just law schools so if you go to a law school based on ranking you should move to Alberquee, New Mexico because U.S. News says it is the best . Then by 2032 you should be living in one of the Dakotas or Nebraska because they have "optisim" will apparently have easy access to dental visits, and perceived learning opportunities, those are all completely impossible to measure, but U.S. News has decided based on that you should live in South Dakota 2032. The way law schools are ranked makes about as much sense it is people filling out scrantrons 1-5 about places they have never heard of.

There are top schools Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc that everybody knows is good, but the difference between 99 and 132 changes year to year and nobody cares.


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