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Which school should I attend? (School-Decison)

Thomas M. Cooley Law School - Accepted
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Florida Coastal School of Law - Accepted
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Phoenix School of Law - Accepted
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Nova Southeastern University Summer Online AAMPLE Program
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Loyola University New Orleans Summer Conditional Program
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New York Law School - Summer Online AAMPLE Program
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Author Topic: Poll: Current Acceptances vs Conditional Acceptances  (Read 1030 times)


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Poll: Current Acceptances vs Conditional Acceptances
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:02:56 PM »
So far, these are the options I have to start this upcoming fall 2012.  I have been weighing out my options and am really unsure where I would attend.  I am still waiting to hear back from a few law schools. 

I essentially want to get into UDC (still waiting on a decision), but if not, I would want to Transfer to a DC school after completing one year at another law school (perhaps one of these listed below).  Please share your opinions on these schools and options; any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you!

   Thomas M. Cooley Law School
   Florida Coastal School of Law
   Phoenix School of Law

Conditional Acceptances (Must complete summer program):
   Nova Southeastern University Summer Online AAMPLE Program
   Loyola University New Orleans Summer Conditional Program

   University of San Francisco
   Thomas Jefferson School of Law


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Re: Poll: Current Acceptances vs Conditional Acceptances
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2012, 01:48:39 PM »
These schools are all over the map why such a broad range?

As far the transfer goes don't expect that to happen. The vast majority of law students don't transfer even if they could. First you need to well academically to transfer often in the top 20-25%, which 80-75% of students aren't in. Even if you happen to overcome the 80% odds of finishing in the top 20% your 1L year is something that really can't be explained, and you make a lot of relationships that are hard to leave plus cross country moves while looking for internships and all that other jazz is unlikely. If D.C. is absolutely where you want to be then I would only go to school in D.C. If that means an LSAT retake then that would be best. I would not go to Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco,  if D.C. is where you wanted to end up.

The location of your school is the most important consideration, because that is simply where you will end up. I know there are exceptions, but 90% of the time if not more you get comfortable living somewhere and especially when your saddled with 100k+ in loans and no cashflow a cross country move is often out of the question.

If you truthfully don't care where you end up then I would go to the cheapest school possible of the ones listed. They are all ABA, but nothing spectacular about them and I would get out with as little debt as possible. I don't know if your a Florida Resident, but I noticed two Florida schools and FIU is about the best priced law school in America and that might be an option. Just a sidenote if you haven't applied there already.

Good luck to you.


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Re: Poll: Current Acceptances vs Conditional Acceptances
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2012, 08:50:08 AM »
I definitely hear what you are saying.  I want to end up in the northeastern reagion NY/DC/MD/VA.  DS is just preferable because I have been here all through udergrad.  I received a conditional offer to New York Law School through their 5 week Online AAMPLE Program.  The two courses they are offering sound very interesting and one I already have experience with having taken a 5 week Business Law summer course last year here in DC.  I am considering acceopting this conditional offer (making a deposit to reserve a space) while I wait for a decision from UDC.