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Is it legal for the school to withdraw my admission offer?

Hi everyone! I am an international applicant for MBA degree of U.S. business schools.

Recently I got an admission offer of 1-year MBA program from a U.S. business school. After I received the paper admission offer signed by the dean of school, I sent the admission committee an email requesting them to reconsider and change my admission offer to 2-year MBA program offer since they stated on their web sites that both programs are the same.

Surprisingly, the didn't offer me the 2-year MBA admission, but reconsidered my application as 2-year MBA program applicant, which I never requested! Then they put me on the wait list of the 2-year MBA program and decided to wthdraw my 1-year MBA program admission offer since I stated that 2-year program should be better fit for me.

There are several ridiculous points in their decision. First, I never stated that I would give up my 1-year MBA offer. Second, I never requested to be reconsidered as a 2-year MBA applicant, not to mention being put on its waitlist. Third, they admitted that they never allow switching between programs, but they offer me an "exception" simply because I stated 2-year MBA was better fit for me and withdrawed my 1-year MBA offer based on that!

As far as I know, so long as the admission committee and I didn't agree on anything via emails, those emails have no legal validity under U.S. laws both for U.S. citizens and Non-U.S. citizens. Please correct me if I were wrong.

Therefore, all those emals between us have no legel validity. Since I requested a 2-year MBA offer, the school didn't offer me that; The school offered me a waitlist of 2-year MBA, I didn't accept it; The school decided to withdraw my 1-year MBA offer, I never agreed on that! There is no point we both agreed on via those emails!

I am now still trying to negotiate with the admission committee and take back my 1-year MBA program admission offer. But I don't know what I should do if the school really withdraw my offer. I still keep the 1-year MBA paper admission offer they signed. What can I do to appeal to the law as a Non-U.S. citizen, or is there anyone can provide me with other better suggestions to solve my problem?

Many thanks to you all in advance!