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Penn Judge: Muslims Allowed to Attack People for Insulting Mohammad

Julie Fern:
so you figure by posting this, people "see" that muslims "taking over"?

maybe you should talk more about how lil' ricky santorum want impose his religious views through government, but apparently that not fit your agenda.

If the judge had said it was ok for Irish to beatup people dissing the pope, I still would have posted it. You will note, that did not occur. It never does and never will.

Muslims get a "pass" when judged by muslims.

Julie Fern:
you missing point, sport.  where your thread about montana judge who e-mailed racist joke about president?


Since when did you start having points? You want to see that all views were expressed in the polling options on this thread, then just look up and see that I had one marked for comparing it the 10 commandments being posted in courts. Not the same as calling the victim foul names and letting the perp walk, but still.

Here is "the point" Julie, do you want it to be legal for someone to assault someone else if they wear a halloween costume that offends their religous views(regardless of what faith)?
Do you want the judge to be able to verbally assault the victim while letting the perp walk?

Well how you feel Jules? (as if you could give a real response if you life depended on it)


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