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Concord EJD or JD acceptable Doctorate in order to teach college

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Masters is the minimum entry point for most adjunct jobs.

I'd ask your superiors what degrees they have. I'd aim for whatever those are.

Do any of them have the EJD?

An EJD is the biggest crock of s*** out of Concord yet.  Don't waste your time--employers will probably laugh you out of the room (or not, because they probably won't even call you for an interview with that "degree.")   If you're going online, try to find an online program of a REPUTABLE institution.  Much safer.

Adjunct work usually does not pay so well, even with a relevant PhD.  Figure $1500 a class online or otherwise to start.

Besides my "normal" job, I also have served as an adjunct professor in the recent past.  It does not pay well, but I like teaching and it is fun to associate with people just entering the profession.  That being said, I doubt that a EJD will enhance your chances of obtaining an adjunct teaching position, but if you have a law enforcement degree and considerable experience - that will likely be viewed more significantly than a degree which many in academic circles find questionable (the EJD).  Just my experience, YMMV.


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