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Question about Course Withdrawals on Transcript


Hi, I am interested in applying to law school at Case Western Law School next Fall....I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how Withdrawal grades from Kent State University are interpreted by Law School Admission Council? Yes, the W grades are non-punitive but where I am worried is because W grades are factored into attempted hours on transcript. Anyone on here graduate from KSU as undergrad? If so, how did LSAC handle your W's on your Law School report. Please help me!

"W"s aren't unique to Kent, every university has them.  I think LSAC ignores them.  I have one on my transcript because they changed the time of a class I had registered for and I had a conflict, if I even remember right.  Regardless, its not a big deal.

Why you would ask this here? I can't imagine.  It has to do with LSAC, not Case or Kent.
Ask this on the "Applying to Law School" board if you're really concerned.  Good luck.

Hello!   Here's an explanation of how the LSAC summarizes one's grades:  Hope that helps.  :)


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