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How does LSAC factor in Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory classes?

I'm in my final quarter of my final year of undergrad - I have finished all the required classes for my degree (Political Science) but I still need 15 more overall credits before I can graduate. I'm able to take super easy 100 level classes, but none of them seem interesting to me and I would rather make use of my time enrolling in  upper division Pol Sci classes. However, since it is my last quarter of school, I was considering taking these classes as pass/fail (or satisfactory/unsatisfactory, as my school calls it). Since I don't get a letter grade for these classes, how does the LSAC calculate these grades for their GPA?

Is it better for me to just take the classes normally for a regular grade, or is it okay to make things a little easier on myself and take them as pass/fail?

Here's a link to their policies related to transcript summarization:

To answer your specific question:  Pass/Fail classes aren't included in your UGPA unless you fail.  If you fail, they're averaged in as "F."