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Possible for attorney to take 10 years off from work to be a stay at home mom?

No, I don't have an SO. I have been REALLY busy with school and work lately, so definately a good thing...

If you have no SO and no kids, then why are you even worrying about it?  Your future is wide open, so don't worry too much about these what-ifs... How long will it take you to finish law school?  I think you should wait until you are actually ready and about to have kids before you make this decision.


Ok, this is intesting. I would call flame, but I have met people who honestly think this way. Nothing wrong with it, if you can make it work and it's what you honestly want out of life, but just unique is all.

One last set of questions should sum it up I think:

Who is paying for your college? Is it your Dad or do you hope your (future unknown)spouse will cover it?
What do your mother and father do?
Do you want to be housewife/soccermom but feel like you did more in life? It not, then why?

I ask since I have met several woman who honestly do just want to be a housewife and have the husband take of her, and yet want to "feel important" about themselves too.
There is a saying (and it holds true for many out there)

"Use your PhDD's to get your MRS degree"       

If that is the honest plan, to land a lawyer for a hubbie, it's not the worst idea, but I kind of suspect you will end up hooking up with a married Prof who keeps forgetting to leave his wife.