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Comparisons between Dayton Law and NKU (Chase) Law?


Not the best I know, but I'm not sure I will get off the waitlist at the other two schools and for now these are my options.  I'm posting this primarily to gain some feedback from those with lots of info on these schools or currently go to or have gone to one of these two schools.  Info such as employment prospects, the feel/vibe of the campus, the surrounding area, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Also, my first post so don't go too hard on me.

I actually went to Cincinnati, but I know folks from nku and Dayton.  From what I've heard, Dayton's program isn't so great, and nku is a better school than implied from its rank bc of its location and the fact that it has a part time program.  It also depends where you want to work.  For Cincy or northern ky, then nku would be better.  If you want to work in the Dayton area, them Dayton may be better.

I go into both schools, but be warned about Dayton ... I'm pretty sure they do the bait and switch scholarship thing, and as a private school, they are damn expensive.

I'm in the same boat with Dayton.  Not sure I'll get off the wait list of my other choice.  I've heard Dayton is decent for a T4 in terms of job prospects in Dayton. The campus is gorgeous, if that's important to you.

Bait and switch scholarships? I got that sense too. They offered me a scholly and said I had to stay above a 2.9 to keep it.


Dayton is really expensive in comparison to NKU, and also, like Jhuen_the_bird said, NKU has better programs. Where will you go in the end?


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