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Limited Licenses

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has anyone heard of this?

can people with JD's apply for this?

Depends on what you think it is? Please be more specific.

There are types of law which have seperate license requirments.

Patent law, Tax Court, etc.

Is that what you meant?

Not unless you pass the bar first.

not for the examples I gave, but otherwise yeah.

--- Quote from: jonlevy on January 18, 2012, 05:00:39 PM ---Not unless you pass the bar first.

--- End quote ---

To be a Patent Attorney one has to pass the Patent Bar.

To be admitted to Tax Court one has to be an attorney in good standing already.

Aside from being a patent attorney which is harder than becoming a regular attorney - what separate license requirements are you referring to that do not already involve being a member of a bar in good standing first? I'd be interested in knowing what I missed out on.


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