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graduated from non aba school



i graduated from a non aba school, and i cant take the exam in that state. is there anywhere i can take it? id like to take it somewhere in july. please help

Seriously, this again? Obviously not a state bar approved school or you would already know the answer. Clearly the KY grad again. Refer to all the other posts, all over this board to your questions. You already have the only answers you can get here. You know that. If you can't contact the bar examiners yourself(or at least time the few hours to read their friggin websites FAQ) you don't have the ability to function as a lawyer anyways. -Tuff love.

Here, this may help. It requires getting your LLM, but I bet you can find an ABA school to let you do it. (even if T3/T4)
Yeah it's an extra step, but you'd be even more qualified than other lawyers at that point too. Plus while in it, you can still work as a paralegal.

I found this online(forgot the link):

In New York State, foreign lawyers from civil law countries are permitted to sit for the New York bar exam once they have concluded a minimum of 20 credit hours (typically but not essentially in an LLM program) at a law school (ABA-approved) involving at least two basic subjects tested on the New York bar exam. In general, lawyers from common law jurisdictions do not need to study at an ABA-approved law school. Foreign lawyers from both civil law and common law countries, however, are required to show that they have successfully fulfilled a course of law studies of at least three years that would complete the educational requirements to bar admission in their country.
In California, as long as students have completed an LLM in comparative law from an ABA-approved law school they are allowed to sit for the state bar exam even though they do not have a three-year law degree from the United States.
Note: Only a small percentage of U.S. qualified lawyers ever go on to earn a LLM It is also good to keep in mind that some US law schools do not allow US law graduates to participate in their LLM programs—they are offered only to foreign

Also, if you undergrad is a science field you can take the patent bar even without an ABA JD.
I believe that even with a non science BA you still can if you go back to get a science based Masters.

Tax Court is another idea, but I believe that you need two sponsors who are already licensed in Tax Court to do it.

Have you looked into the military? They might still accept it.


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