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Manhunt for "Pardoned" criminals.

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winchester buttre:

--- Quote from: LincolnLover on January 18, 2012, 04:04:01 PM ---I understand the theory of trying to present a case to reverse a Pardon (in theory) it just bugs me that they have to stay in jail while waiting to see if the state (which should be the one carrying the burden of proof to overturn) will reverse it or not. In a Parole hearing sure, but I see it as a violation of Due Process. I guess it just shows truth to the old laymen saying "possession is 9/10 of the law" If they possess your ass still, they still can act like they own it, untill they chose not to. Easier to justify a "not released" then a "brought back in". Easier for the TV news viewing audience to digest I guess. To me baloney is baloney whatever the flavor, but when politicians(oops I meant judges and attorney generals) who are elected or appointed by those elected want to stay in public favor........well, don't you know that court cases should be held on American Idol commercials for vote ins between the parts of our society that really matter?

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That's funny about possession, but a person is not an object. 

tell that to the person being held.

Brenda Ayala:
I agree, after a pardon has been granted that should be the end of it. no exceptions...


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