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What is the best online law school program...Concord, Northwestern or Cal. So U?

I am trying to find the best online law (JD) program. I see conflicting information on the web. Does anyone have any input. I am interested in taking the bar in California. I like the best preparation. Can you suggest any prep or tutoring services for the "Baby Bar" also. Thank you!


Check out the FYLSX & GBE stats for each school; they are probably your best guide as to which is best.  Here is the web site if you don't have it -  The next decision would be your need for a set schedule or flexibility - I mean set semsters or open enrollment, followed by your need for accreditation, and last, cost.

I chose NWCULaw & plan to start on May/June this year.  Their bar pass rates were ok with me, I needed flexibility, accreditation is not a factor, & the cost is great (no debt after school).  My plan is to pass the CA bar, obtain various Federal court admissions, & petition Washington State to take their bar (I live there).  I've talked (emailed) with a few people who obtained their law degree via DL, passed the CA bar, and were granted authorization to take the bar in a PNW state, so I believe it is doable. The key seems to be passing the CA bar if you're looking at another state, but do your research - some are ok with it, others are not.  Consider all possible scenarios and research their possibilities.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply. The information you provided was helpful. I was leaning towards Northwestern as well. My only concern is the lack of upgraded learning interface. I understand Northwestern uses Blackboard. From I understanding, Blackboard is not the most user-friendly interface. Other schools such as Cal Southern U  have a much user friend interface. However, other schools do not have a "Baby Bar" passrate as high as Northwestern. Althougth I read an article that Cal. Souther U had a 67% Baby Bar pass rate back in 2010. I was wondering if this was true.

Like you, I plan to take the bar in California. I live in the Washington DC area and I understand that Northwestern students have sat for the DC bar exam and passed.

Let me know if there are any others who have any feedback regarding the school. I plan to enroll in the April/May timeframe (in Northwestern).

Thanks again.

Concord is part of the Washington Post Corporation and Kaplan University system. If you are looking for resources and bells and whistles, hand holding etc. none of the other DL schools can compete with Concord in terms of what is available to the student.

You cannot take the DC bar but you can simply motion in after 5 years of practice after passing the Cal bar.

No non ABA grad can take the DC Bar absent an additional 26 hours of ABA study:

Law Study in Law School Not Approved by the ABA. An applicant who
graduated from a law school not approved by the American Bar Association shall be permitted to
take the bar examination only after successfully completing at least 26 semester hours of study in
the subjects tested in the bar examination in a law school that at the time of such study was
approved by the American Bar Association. All such 26 semester hours shall be earned in
courses of study, each of which is substantially concentrated on a single tested subject.

From I understanding, Blackboard is not the most user-friendly interface.

Blackboard is actually quite good. I used it for a course in the past and had a great experience. Of course there could be variations in how different schools implement their curricula using the software. But the foundation seems solid.

Blackboard, WebCT, Angel, Pearson Ecollege, etc. they are all good platforms at this point.  Moodle on the other hand is a freebie system not in their league, my kid's grade school uses it.