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GPA Addendum - short please advise.

GPA Addendum - short please advise.
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I don't know if this is where i post my addendum but my situation is that i went to a high school call High School for Math, Science, and Engineering @ City College where they granted me 27 credits without having to take Advanced Placement. Pretty much that counted in the Academic summary report and brought my GPA down slightly. Anyways, thank you for your input and sorry if this is the wrong place to put this:

Addendum - Academic Summary Report/Transcript

On my transcript, 27 credits labeled “CUNY - City College” were granted concurrently with core high school classes mandatory for my high school diploma. Because my public high school was in conjunction with CUNY City College, the college granted credits for classes without Advanced Placement exams. No advanced notice though was provided on which mandatory classes would grant college credits. I was unaware that I had even accumulated 27 credits until I checked my unofficial transcript during freshman year of college. As such, the compiled GPA from LSDAS is based on an eight-year period spanning from freshman year of high school and is not indicative of my college career.
Instead, I wish to draw the admission committee’s attention to my recommendations and my upward trend in GPA ending my senior year on the Dean’s list. I am confident that my recommendations and the positive tendency in my GPA affirm my maturity and my true potential to be a successful law student.

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Hi Chuey,

I can relate to your predicament and was actually in a similar situation when I was applying to law school (many years ago).  My problem was that I wanted the admissions committee to focus on my GPA from my Jr and Sr years of college, and to demonstrate that my academic aptitude (and maturity) increased drastically from my freshmen year (and would continue to do so in law school). 

Thus, I attached to my applications what I referred to as a "Grade Point Breakdown", which was a two page attachment consisting of my GPA for each year of college and a chart indicating my improving performance. 

It seemed to work, I received admission to my first choice of law schools, and have been practicing law for some time now.

If you don't mind me asking, why exactly do you want to go to law school?  I ask because I mentor many prospective law students and they all seem to be well prepared for the LSAT, but put ZERO thought into developing a career plan that suits their interests and strengths...  and speaking as someone who has been down this road, a career plan is ESSENTIAL.

I also contribute to a website that may interest you;

Re: GPA Addendum - short please advise.
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So is my addendum the appropriate length? How would i go about creating this grade breakdown? I didn't get anything from your post.