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I am new to this board and am not 100% sure where to post this so if this is not the right place I am sorry. I am a first semester sophomore at Appalachian State University in NC. I transferred in 21 hours from high school so I am trying to graduate in three years instead of four. This first semester college life got in the way and I let two of my grades slip. BAD. I made 2 A- 1 A 1 B and 1 D. I am taking the D course over again and to the best of my understanding law school will the the average grade that I make in that course once I retake it. I am determined to do better. I already have an internship lined up with the District attorney this summer and plan to take an LSAT prep course next year. If I get on the ball and do well on my other classes and do a WONDERFUL job on my LSAT what are the chances that I can get into U of Michigan at Ann-Arbor. That is where I really want to go and I would hate to know that I blew it in a single semester. Will the one bad grade kill me. Hopefully I can get an A in it this semester therefore Law schools will see either a B or a C. If I do not make another C will it kill my chances at U of M with 1 C. Also do any of you know if it is true that the law schools average the grade if you retake a course? Thanks for any help you can give me. Did any of you get into U of M with a few bad grades?

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If you do unreal on the LSAT... anything is possible.  Michigan is definitely a tremendous school that anyone would be lucky to go to.... But its not Yale, so I think you can overcome one bad grade.  Keep the rest of your grades at A, A- and then destroy the LSAT (175?).  If you were to do that, I would say you have a good shot. has it looking like Michigan is more willing to take students with lower GPAs but with high LSATs than they have in years past. Dominate from here on out and its not impossible.