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Does anyone have any info on Widener Law's evening program acceptance standards?


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 Wow  it has been  a long time since I posted on his board!! It used to be my back bone to the application process!! Now i'v been practicing for 2 years! haha

Anyway... I know someone who is ONLY applying to 1 law school... Widener Law Evening program... she got a 141 lsat and a gpa of 3.3ish I think, latina minority from another country... She can only stay within the local philly area... she knows her lsat is not enough for temple evening or rutgers.... so widener it is...

Does anyone have experience with Widener's Evening program and/or their conditional summer program?? What types of numbers did you or people you know have when they were accepted into the evening program or summer conditional program?? How was the summer program?? Was it offered to students only applying to the evening program?? Any info and of you can give would be greatly appreciated. Any shots here?? Thanks...