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Who will win 2012 presidential election?

2 (10.5%)
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Who will win 2012 presidential election?

Re: Who will win 2012 presidential election?
« Reply #110 on: April 22, 2012, 05:18:50 PM »
It is harsh, Palin is a low comparison.  American politics hasn't had a nut like Palin for as long as I remember - and I know that is saying a lot. Who does Dean contaminate for?  Doesn't have to be lame, it can be, depends on the network.  There are some politicians that can pull it off with legitimacy, Ford for example.

Oh sure Romney has a problem with women voters, but how to fix that?  McCain made a colossal error with Palin. What will Romney do? Idk. I doubt anyone associated with the Bush administration is in the cards though.  Bush is still a hot potato, even in hard core repub circles.

Rubio said he does not want to be considered. That means he is totally out.  Remember Cristi? He's out too. My money is on McDonnell.  He has some problems, but he has big aspirations himself and solves the conservative appeal problem Romney thinks he has. He won't help with women though- VA almost passed a sperm is a person type of law that he endorsed (or at least didn't say he would veto). That's huge for women voters. We'll see. :)

Re: Who will win 2012 presidential election?
« Reply #111 on: April 23, 2012, 03:22:52 PM »
You know, its not harsh--it's sad.  What I mean is that Dean was once a good p.s. now he is just self promoting--taking money for his political entertainment dialogue from any t.v. news outlet that will hire him.  My comparison is that Huckabee did it and Palin did it--hell, even crazy Sharpton has his own show, now--when he's not doing his "roadshow".

Martinez might be a prospect for Romney as V President.  New Mexico has 5 electoral votes which Obama got last time; latino and female voters may be a draw.  I'm still not sure, though.

Romney will be mentioning the economy and jobs till November;  Obama will be doing the Republican dance of '08 in that we don't know Romney.

Gonna get ugly. :-\

Those flyover states are gonna be a tough for Obama.