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Transcript with one bad semester

Transcript with one bad semester
« on: December 19, 2011, 08:52:17 PM »
I am an ivy-league school graduate with an average GPA about 3.6 and LSAT score 175.

My transcript was flawless until the first semester of my junior year. (I got a D- and a B-). My professor failed me in the final paper of a writing seminar course because he found something "close to" plagiarism. He didn't report it or anything, so there is no official record of academic dishonor, but the bad grades left on my transcript. I worked my ass off after that semester to recover my gpa and graduated with 3.64.

Does this seriously hurt my chances to get into a top 14 school?

What should I write in my addendum? Probably shouldn't mention anything related to plagiarism, right?

Would applying after working few years increase my chance? or should I just give up?

Please help me......