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If you are thinking about taking a class, I highly recommend Testmasters. As a preface, with any of these books, and classes its all about the time and effort you can commit to studying. I was scoring in the low 140's before I took this class and scored a 157 on the actual lsat. I think what helped me the most was towards the end of the class, after I had already learned the basics of how to take this test, I was taking three to four practice tests a week in test like scenarios. This was very time consuming because like you said sigliv, you have to go back and review all the questions you got wrong and see why you got them wrong. But once I started to do that I was seeing the most improvement in my scores.
So as a final word, depending on where you are in comfortability in knowing how to find the right answer, you might just want to do as many practice tests as you can. I have heard that powerscore books were good though, they will definitely help you if you are having trouble understanding why the specific answer is the right answer and more importantly, why the other answers are specifically wrong.

ICLaw, thank you so much for your advice. It is greatly appreciated.  I have been looking at the questions I have been getting wrong and it is consistantly the "strengthen/weaken" questions. Does anyone have tips on how to tackle these particular questions?  I will have to look into the online course for testmasters as it is not offered in the part of Canada I live in.  ICLaw, did you do the online version or the live course?


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