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Ran out of time . . . ugh.


And beating myself up over it. I've never run out of time on an exam before. (I'm a 2L.)

I know talking about it doesn't really help, but I'm afraid I really screwed this one up. Finished the first question but only got about halfway through the second one before I had to start outlining. So bummed about my performance.

I don't know if this will help ... but I always do better on the tests I think I've murdered.

Keep rocking!

Breathe.  Was that your last one?  If not get ready for the next one. 

That one's over.  Can't do anything about it.  Might have done good enough.  Just wait for your grade.   Remember, you don't have to outrun the bear.  You aren't measured against the material.  You're measured against your classmates.  If you ran out of time, some of them probably did, too. 

In the mean time, put it out of your mind and get ready for what's next.

If the grading is on the curve, ask around. If others ran out of time too, you'd think it would be reflected on the grades. If you were the last one in the room I'd be sweating though. Odds are it was just a hard test and others had the same issues with it as you did.


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