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Case study in court corruption

Case study in court corruption
« on: November 23, 2011, 04:01:59 PM »
Hello Students!

I am involved in a case in Superior Court in New Jersey and would appreciate your opinions. 

I feel that the case is a text book example of a kangaroo court.  Something suitable for discussion with your Professors. 

You can read about the case, download the actual court documents and emails at  The emails are very telling!

The info in the letter on the home page is, believe it or not, not everything that has happened in the case.  I think when you read about it that you will not believe these things can happen in the USA but I assure you everything I wrote is true.

Please read the info at  Download the documents and emails.  Discuss the issues here in the forum, with fellow students and with your Professors.

Let me know your opinions on what is happening in this case.

Thank You!


Re: Case study in court corruption
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You are required by the rules of ethics to report unethical judge behavior to the ethics board.

If you believe it is corrupt, report it. If not, retire.

Re: Case study in court corruption
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I did report it.  Nothing was done.  Things got worse.


Re: Case study in court corruption
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I applaud your ethics. Did you get a letter back to your office? What did they say? (it wasn't an anonomus tip was it?)

Re: Case study in court corruption
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It wasnt anonymous.  They replied that there was no wrongdoing. 

If you read a the webpage or the docs.  Among many other things you will see that I have been in court for over a year as a defendant in a case where the plaintiff has abslutely no standing whatsoever.  That the judge adjourned an uncontested motion to dismiss and then never ruled on the motion.  That a jury was demanded and the judge proceeded without a jury.  One instance after another of the judge flagrantly ignoring the law, the rules of court and a persons civil and Constitutional rights. 

Im not a lawyer or studying law.  I'm having a hard time answering the verification questions. 


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gotcha.........just another person trying to get free legal advise from those who aren't allowed to give it.

Hire a lawyer, or go to lawschool. Sorry.

there should be free ones in your area.

It it gets bad enough, try the FBI.

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I dont want or need legal advice.  Actually I contacted Andrew Sinclair before posting.  This thread is what it was titled to be.  A case stud in court corruption.

Had a lawyer, fired him as soon as he sold me out.  My Mothers Trustee hired two lawyers who sold her out.  My Mother hired herself a lawyer who sold her out. 

My Mother hired her lawyer to dispute the guardian that the judge appointed for her.  The judge appointed the guardian in spite of the fact that no one petitioned the court, in spite of the fact that she passed two mental exams within a year with the most recent exam taken two days prior to the guardian being appointed.  The guardian was appointed in the order to a motion for leave of court to file an amended complaint that said nothing about my Mothers mental status.  The judge granted the motion in spite of approximately 90 proven outright lies in sworn affidavits submitted with the motion.  Most of the lies were proven in the plaintiffs own exhibits.   

I did contact the FBI.  I received a reply that it was a State issue.  The reply did not contain a contact name, address or phone number.  The reply had no signature.  Our Governor Christie was the federal Attorney in NJ before becoming the Governor.  Think maybe the FBI doesnt want their golden boy to look bad being that he has been aware of what is going on since day one.

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I should also mention that my Mothers lawyer was given a $5k retainer to dispute the guardian.  He used up the whole $5k without even attempting to dispute the guardian and then quit.   


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If the courts and FBI won't help (and I'm assuming neither will local or state police) at a point you have to ask yourself why everyone else in the entire world has a different point of view.

If you have a case, keep trying. Maybe you don't and just think you do though.

There is a reason why you have a have a doctorate degree to practice law afterall.

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Please!  Read the documents before you speak.  Read what is going on!  It's flagrant, abusive, throw it in your face corruption! 

For example...  When my Mother hired her attorney he would not believe what was going on.  All we heard was they cant do that, they cant do that, you must be mistaken.  I provided the court docs to show what was going on.  My Mom retained him and then he did "that"  He was recorded talking to my Mom when my Mom told him to evict squatters and a drug dealer (the plaintiff) from her home.  A week later he wrote my Mom stating that he recalled that my Mom said the freeloaders could stay.  My Mom wrote him that he is mistaken that she said to evict.  A week later he sent an email that she said not to evict.  I emailed him that the conversation was recorded, do you need to hear it for yourself that she said to evict?  A week later he emailed and again said that my Mom said to not evict.  My emails are verified and recorded.  Everything you could possibly want to know, you know.  It tells me when a link in an email is clicked,  when the email is opened, how many times it is opened, if it is forwarded and to whom, ect.    I emailed him a link to the recording so that he could hear the conversation to evict.  He clicked the link, the audio file is 11 minutes long.  12 minutes after he clicked the link he sent me an email that said something such as... You claimed to have recorded the conversation but I recall that your Mom said to not evict!  AFTER LISTENING TO THE RECORDING!  I was there with him and my Mom during the conversation.  I was part of the conversation!  Then he wrote a letter to my Mom quitting!  He said in the letter that he thought the conversation with my Mom was private but because it was recorded I was effectivly in the room with them.  I WAS IN THE ROOM!  That because she refused to meet with him privately he would no longer represent her.  My Mom was scared to death to meet privately with him.  He could claim that she said anything.

The docs and recordings are at the web page.  I should also mention that nothing has happened since I put up that web page.  It's been almost two months.  No court dates, no letters, no filings, no emails no nothing!  But the case has yet to be dismissed! 

I'm going to bed.  If you reply I'll answer tomorrow.