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Case study in court corruption

Re: Case study in court corruption
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Ok, you and YOUR lies confused me at first. I get it now. You right your posts here as if they are out to get your mom, they are not. They are trying to protect her from you. You deny abuse, say "mom tell them" and they make a court ruling that it is in her best interest to be elsewhere.
Dang dude. You wrote:

"Judge Hogan then thru a second party (Mr. Barbour) sent Adult Protective Services to speak to my Mother.  Adult Protective Services found no wrongdoing, no kidnapping, no hostage holding, no abuse and that my Mother was well cared for.  Just like every example or fact favoring the defendants it is ignored by Judge Hogan."

Here is what you do, appeal. That's it. They must have some evidence. Thats why the lawyers quit or couldn't help and you had 90 friggin "lies" against you in court. Not against her, against you. Just be glad you are not in Prison.

You ramble on about your fathers service, so? He did that , not you. Repeat, not you.

You BS about right to chose where to live in america. Kids are taken away from abusive homes, same for adult dependents.

 I watched the video. She is so old and frail. You should be ashamed of yourself. Of course you don't understand and are in denial. Most mother abusing scum bag leach sons are. You may not have kicked her down a flight of stairs, but you clearly didn't meet the minimal standard. Thats on you. YOU.

I know you need her SSA checks to survive, but get over yourself. If you were a self sufficient human being you wouldn't have to drain her trust to get a lawyer, or have her pay the $5K for one. YOU would pay the full amount.

Try to wrap your mind around this. That is why you are posting on a damn student forum. Moron.

Get help. Mental help. You and all those like you need it. 

I pray to God I never get stuck in family law. You make me sick to my very soul.

You relly are justanother sucker!  You just dont get it!

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Re: Case study in court corruption
« Reply #21 on: November 28, 2011, 05:38:15 PM »
oh my.

Re: Case study in court corruption
« Reply #22 on: November 30, 2011, 10:03:55 PM »
Court corruption really sucks, but I think that you should just stick to your arguments and work hard on your briefs. Things should turn up better for you if you stay on point.