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I think you should/could....

Apply to these school because I think you have a good chance
Reconsider your options you have no shot!
You could get into most of these school if you do well on your LSAT
score well on your LSAT and you could gain admission to all of these schools

What are my chances?.....


Re: What are my chances?.....
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I know that is what you meant. I was trying to show that you have to be aware of what you say and where you say it.

As silly as it may shound "you people" "those people" etc, is rubberstamped as bad and most kneejerk respond to it as such without ever wondering why. TV told them to do it, they do it.

Just need to be aware is all friend. Have a good one. Be well.

Re: What are my chances?.....
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African American male
I was made to study engineering and math, I had a 3.5 GPA from a good university
LSAT 164 sadly
PhD from a top university

Should I ED to Columbia or NYU? Please advise