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153, 3.92

153, 3.92
« on: November 09, 2011, 01:21:53 PM »
My LSAT score is 153 with a 3.92 LSAC gpa (3.94 Degree).  I have great softs and am a resident of Iowa.  What are my chances of being accepted to Drake?

Their 25th % LSAT is 153 and I far exceed their 75th % GPA which is 3.64.


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That's an amazing GPA. I would recommend retaking the LSAT. You're compettive for Drake, but i doubt you're going to be guarenteed a spot with that LSAT. You have a shot at Drake in my opinion.

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I know this is a d*ck comment, but if I were you I'd save my money and forget about law school altogether UNLESS you can get a school to pay you to attend.  Getting to put esquire after your name or having people call you "counselor" is going to seem of very little comfort when you're being crushed under $150k of debt.

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Cost is not an issue, the parents are footing the bill meaning zero debt for me!! My softs are off the charts and I have cultivated close relationships with 2 attorneys that are the hiring partner for their firm.

I seriously question the value of your posts when you also post that unless you get a 175 law school is not for you, just sayin!

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Previous poster is right, bone up and boost that LSAT score.  GPA shows you have smarts, parlay that into real opportunity for scholarship money and admission into the best school possible by getting a better LSAT.  Take prep courses and practice tests, show some hunger.