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Golden Gate now dominates ranking and millions flood to students :) ??


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In my continuing quest to show the absurdity of rankings in everything I had to show this to depricate my own place a little. Here it is Golden Gate has the BEST LLM Program in California yep we beat out Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, everybody we have the best program according to the San Francisco Recorder a for-profit private magazine. This NEWS is front page news on our website and it just annoys me. I truly wish law schools across the board would give this sh** up and focus on their students. Instead of focusing time and energy having some magazine or newspaper say they are good. Everybody loses here and I truly wish law school deans would get together and say lets stop this. Golden Gate is just as guilty as the rest of them fighting and bragging about a petty ranking that USF or some other place will win next year. If Golden Gate spends enough time, energy, and money rubbing elbows with the right people maybe in 10 years we could become a tier 3 maybe tier 2 school. Just need to keep raising tuition and fighting with other schools for the attention of a for private magazine.

I wish all schools from Harvard to Cooley would just stop this absurdity and give law students a good education at a fair price. I wish more schools would be like REED COLLEGE who questioned U.S. News methodology and refused to participate. They were a top school, but they questioned the absurd methodology of U.S. News and concluded oh yea you guys are just a for-profit magazine holding a gun to our heads and we don't want to play your game. What did U.S. News in their typical bully way do in response? They severely downgraded them for refusing to play their stupid game. Nobody put U.S. News in Charge and nobody should or has to listen to them, but schools fall into this trap. I wish more colleges would take a stand like Reed did.  I don't know how long it will take higher education in all forms to learn this lesson and focus on developing professional students rather than worrying about what some for profit magazine thinks about them.

Re: Golden Gate now dominates ranking and millions flood to students :) ??
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I like Cooley's ranking system.  It really shows the best and the worst schools out there.