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Latino 3.38 at UCSB 160 range LSAT

Latino 3.38 at UCSB 160 range LSAT
« on: October 23, 2011, 12:39:12 AM »
I appreciate anyone who gives me input on this,

I am a Latino, well mixed race (half white, half Mexican) but I got dark skin. My gpa is a 3.38 and I know I can score in the 160s. My practice LSATs scores around 165. I've been studying like crazy for the feb LSAT everyday. I may be able to hit 168.

My most incredible soft is that I have been to marine corps officer candidates school and ranked 3rd out of 231. However during my senior year I was arrested and dropped from the program.

Do you think I have a shot at UCLA, what other schools might I consider? I like UCLA because of the prestige but also because I want to practice entertainment law. Can I go higher?

I appreciate your time,