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Why not click on the "learn more" links on the site I provided? 

I did. Thanks for the link. :P


--- Quote from: MickyL.R. on September 17, 2011, 04:05:08 PM ---I did. Thanks for the link. :P

--- End quote ---

Well, good luck.  We're a bunch of aspiring attorneys and a few actual attorneys.  Any knowledge we might have about being an FBI agent probably comes from the same public sources you have access to.

Morten Lund:
A friend of mine is a sniper for the FBI, attached to DoD SpecOps teams.  Before that, he was a BigLaw associate working on securities compliance matters.

Go figure.

People's careers take the darndest turns.  As for how to get there, I haven't the foggiest idea - I just wanted to throw my oddball story out there.  That said, my friend told me that his class at the academy was relatively lean on lawyers and accountants, but loaded with police officers.  I suspect the FBI alters their criteria depending on current needs, and for the moment anti-terrorist efforts are key. 

As a person who turned down a conditional offer of employment at the FBI, I would encourage you to look into the USMC Officer programs as a launch pad for your FBI career.  (  We train all Marine Officers at Quantico; co-located with the FBI Academy.  Military service (provided that you are a performer) will certainly enhance your resume. 

Moral/drug waivers need not apply...don't participate in the knucklehead activities that fellow 16-year old's may be trying out.  Get in great physical shape and set goals for continuous improvement.   

Stay focused on your goal, but be sure to enjoy the rest of your adolescence. Good luck.


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