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Studying Law in England it is faster & cheaper!

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I quite agree, becoming a solicitor or barrister is a better and more straight forward process with reciprocity elsewhere in the Commonwealth and EU.  However, one will likely need a LLM to qualify to take the New York Bar and some PQE.  If one's goal is the New York Bar, it is a round about way to do it.

The other rather delicate problem is one of a work permit for a non EU citizen.  If there is a work around for that I'd like to hear it.

I've actually heard of a friend of mine in high school that took this route. I haven't heard of the potential complications, but I'm sure the logistics would be a little more detailed than your original post implies. However, it is intriguing for anyone interested enough in being a little adventurous in their plan of study.

To close the subject with some current information, the University of Cardiff Law School now posits on its web site that you can qualify in as little as 3 and half years from leaving high school. This is years faster than the traditional route so why is everyone ignoring this?

Here is their web link for students from the US.


How does a non EU citizen qualify for a training contract at the end of the degree without a work permit?

I note the original poster has no answer on the work permit issue, curious eh?


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