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Job interview - help?

Job interview - help?
« on: September 07, 2011, 10:41:44 PM »
I recently applied to an electronics retail store that a "FRIEND" had referred me to. However, me and this friend recently got into bad terms and I know he is close to the management team at the retail store.  He also knows that I will be applying to a private university sometime soon for Spring 2012 -- This information will all be explained later with my concern. Anyways, I got an interview today and I was asked to write a personal statement concerning my DUI I received last year of November. (I stated I got one on the application.) I thought to myself, "I guess?" And I did it, but after I wrote the statement, I saw that the manager gave a chuckle. I was feeling a bit confused and somewhat afraid.. Does anyone know if I was SUPPOSED to write a personal statement in regards of the company or could he possibily give my personal statement to my "FRIEND" who I am now in bad terms with... And that friend could possibly send it to the institution(S) I'm applying for? Please help!

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1). Do you think your friend would really bother to do that?  That's a lot of effort for something kind of stupid.

2). If he does, its not bid deal, DUIs are crazy common and a misdemeanor.  I'm sure every university admits plenty of people with DUIs.

3)  As a practical matter, don't bother disclosing misdemeanors for low paying jobs like that.  Two things will hurt you on those applications: criminal records and education over the bachelors level.

4)  Is it common for a retail store to ask for a personal statement explaining a conviction?  I have never head of that before, especially for a DUI.  I mean what can be explained: "I drank some beer and was going home, and..."  I don't know why they would ask, but even if they do and try to pass it along to a university, the university (unless they are fools) will not accept it for reasons of authentication.  If its not from you it can be easily altered or fabricated, they should know that.

5)  Why are you posting this in a forum about law school stuff?  Your issue isn't even legal (and if it were this is not the right place for that either), its policy based.  Do universities accept documents from third party sources?  They can, I guess, if they wanted.  But only an idiot would.  Do employers ask for a personal statement explaining a conviction?  I suppose, if they wanted, but its a weird thing to do.


Re: Job interview - help?
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Curious1990, relax a bit (I guess you are still very young but you will learn to worry less over time...  ;)) and remember that honesty and full disclosure are always the best course of action in life.

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Yah, you should calm down.. but if it's really bothering you, it's not wrong to ask your FRIEND, not for forgiveness lol! just ask him/her and maybe the both of you can fix the problem.

Re: Job interview - help?
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On C&F- yes disclose, but disclosure in life isn't always a good idea.  Law students are hammered with DISCLOSURE- disclose disclose. Your biz is your biz.  If it takes 100 applications and 100 rejections before you figure it out, you'll still figure it out.  Its the same if your desperate for a job waiting tables- don't tell them you have a PhD and were a bank president.  That's just common sense man.

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Re: Job interview - help?
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keep finger away from nose.