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Selling LSAT/law school prep materials for $200 (original value $500+) - Toronto

Selling for $200 (original value $500+):

- Official LSAT PrepTest #39 (original $90, no marks)
- Official LSAT Next 10 Actual PrepTests (original $22, light pencil marks)
- Official LSAT Preptest With Explanations Volume One by LSAC (original $26, light pencil marks)
- Official LSAT:The Superprep (original $22, light pencil marks)
- Official LSAT: 10 Actual PrepTests (original $22, light pencil marks)
- 10 More Actual Official LSAT PrepTests (original $50, light pencil marks)
- LSAT: The Official TriplePrep Volume 1 (original $37, light pencil marks)
- NOVA's Master the LSAT with CD (original $40, light pencil marks)
- PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible (original $66, light pencil marks)
- PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible (original $63, light pencil marks)

I will throw in the following as well:

- 7 books from the PowerScore LSAT Course (course price $1295, light pencil marks in first two books)

- The Silent Timer (original $18)

- Should You Really Be a Lawyer? The Guide to Smart Career Choices Before, During and After Law School (original $50)

- Master the Personal Statement by John Richardson

Exchange in Greater Toronto Area (Toronto/York Region)

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sold - no longer available

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