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--- Quote from: passaroa25 on August 14, 2011, 10:04:12 PM ---Isn't Wisconsin that state where all you have to do is graduate from one of its law schools and you are automatically licensed; no bar exam?

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If you graduate from the Law School at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) you do not need to sit for a bar exam, you are automatically good to go.

To the OP,

I am not aware of any distance ed option that will give one an opportunity to become a member of the Bar in the state of Wisconsin.


--- Quote from: captaybe on August 10, 2011, 09:36:28 AM ---Without discussing the merits of online law school, I have already decided that's what I will do. I am planning on sitting for the Wisconsin bar. I will get a significant raise at my current job if I have a law degree. So having a substandard degree is not a problem for me. The question is: Which online degree is the quickest and cheapest that Wisconsin will accept? Alternatively, is there another state I should be looking at? Thank you

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You can go to an online law school and Practice in California, Vermont, and of course as forementioned Wisconsin. I read today that a person who wants to practice in Wisconsin, can pass any bar in any state, and then practicein Vermont. Vermont won't let you attend an online school, but if you get a valid JD from any school and pass any states bar exam, you can practice in Vermont. That will give you 3 states that will accept online education for lawyers.


Are you saying WI and VT have reciprocity will all states?  I was not aware that WI didn't have a bar exam, that's surprising.  I know of at least two states that have reciprocity with no one (DE and RI).  I was under the impression that reciprocity is a two way street.  Can reciprocity be one way?  Are you guys sure about this?

Most reciprocity rules require a 5 - 7 years of practice experience before its applicable, btw. 

That is a sloppy way of asking:  if the OP goes to an online school and sits for the CA bar, which is the only one he can sit for, does he still have to practice 5 - 7 years in CA before he can move, if reciprocity is even available?  Don't most states not have reciprocity with CA for precisely this reason?


--- Quote from: fortook on August 15, 2011, 07:17:11 AM ---I was not aware that WI didn't have a bar exam, that's surprising.

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Wisconsin does have a bar exam, those students that earn their JD at the University of Wisconsin and do not need to take the exam, students who went to law school elsewhere do have to take the bar exam.

Ah, that makes much more sense. Don't know how I feel about the WI exception, however.  Seems a little elitist 19th century good ol boy cluby to me.


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