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--- Quote from: Roald on April 18, 2012, 01:33:16 PM ---Anyone who graduates from an online law school and passes the California bar on their first attempt, as Jon did, would likely have excelled at any traditional law school. The standard ABA approved methodology may not be the only way to learn the law, but for the majority of students it is probably the best way. The socratic method and mandatory classroom participation forces students to prepare. Is that paternalistic? Sure, but it seems to work.

The state bar approved law schools in California have essentially adopted the same methodology, and their bar pass rates tend to be higher than those of online schools.

BTW, I am not the least bit snobby when it comes to ABA vs. non-ABA. I believe that the ABA requirements can be absurd, and I know plenty of great lawyers who graduated from non-ABA schools. For MOST students, however, the traditional law school methodolgy seems to produce more favorable results.

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yes, that makes around ten percent (jons stats) of those who enroll capable of EVER being a lawyer, and about 1% of those in Jons shoes.

The odds of seeing BigFoot in Vegas beat the house are about equal.


--- Quote from: fortook on August 14, 2011, 09:55:38 AM --- That's because per CA philosophy, anyone regardless of education can take the CA bar. 

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Sorry to disappoint you but there are educational requirements to taking the CA bar exam. Your statement suggests ANYONE can take the CA bar exam. Do you think a 9th grader would qualify to sit?


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