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Does anyone know anything about UMass?  Student opinions? Job placement? All the rest of that good stuff?

I did my undergrad at U-Mass years ago, but I believe this is the first year they have been approved for a law school.  So there probably aren't any statistics for it other than undergrad.

They had their first class start last summer, I think.  They are not ABA approved yet.  I'm hoping for a feel from the students.  What kind of internships and law clerking opportunities have opened up?  How the local legal community is accepting, or not accepting, them.  I have maxed all the research resources.  They are too new for any formal stats.

UMASS Law used to be Southern New England, and from what it sounds like UMASS must have got a really good deal on SNE. And without the ABA accreditation thats a major risk... although one would imagine UMass would invest whatever is needed to get the accreditation.

I'm sure they'll get accredited.  What concerns me the local reception.  SNEL had its fair share of problems.  I wonder if UMass inherited them.


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