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Cooley Law School's New Tampa, FL campus opens 2012

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I'm not going to get involved in the forum politics, but this just seems like a terrible idea.  I'm sure Cooley planned it before the legal market began to tank, but right now the better thing would be for law schools to start contracting rather than expanding.

Even I think is a bad idea. Cooley doesn't need to be expanding I won't say anything negative about the school, because I know nothing about it, but it is no secret it has a reputation for accepting to many students and opening up a campus across country only enhances the position of Cooley's critics. It is awarding 918 JD's per year That is outrageous. Harvard is pumping out only 593 grads . Then my tier 4 school which I like is doing the right thing and only has 175 grads.

Pumping nearly 1,000 J.D.'s in Michigan were jobs are scarce is not a good idea and as adamantly as I defend tier 4 schools this is just not good for the profession or the students.

Come on.  Hold him Lucas.


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