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Twittermania comes to teach you some LSAT!

Twittermania comes to teach you some LSAT!
« on: August 04, 2011, 12:01:52 AM »
Seems like this thread is floating around other LSAT forums so this one should have it too!  :P

Twittermania comes to teach you some LSAT!

I think that might be interesting for those looking for occasional LSAT tips and advices. There are lots of LSAT twitter accounts set up by many prep companies and prep forums. However, only few of them really deserve your attention. Want to jump ahead and say that the major companies - Kaplan and Princeton Review mostly advertise their products. This is my list of top 5 Twitters to follow:

1) LSATWorld - Post great tips every day. Also they regularly post jokes about LSAT and lawyers which makes your LSAT study more fun.

2) LSAT Blog - Lots of articles and useful advices. Updated every day. Not only that author gives advices he also posts interesting stories connected to LSAT.

3) Blueprint LSAT blog - tips, advices. Try to talk with many followers personally.

4) LSAT Freedom - does not update as often as previous twitters but usually provides interesting tips and advices.

5) PowerScore - fine twitter from one of the best prep companies. Useful advices, tips, reminders.

I think that anyone who uses twitter and wants to do better on his/her LSAT should follow at least the first three companies.

Re: Twittermania comes to teach you some LSAT!
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If anyone think differently, feel free to suggest other ranking :)


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