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University of Massachusetts School of Law- Dartmouth


On February 2, 2010, the Commonwealth’s first and only public law program was established at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. This history-making event was made possible by a $23 million donation of assets from the Southern New England School of Law as well as the support of many citizens, civic leaders, and organizers from our region, state, and nation. The school is up for review for ABA Accreditation this semester, so I would suggest adding the school.

Why would you copy and paste something and then tack on a sentence at the end that is blatantly wrong?  UMass can't be up for accreditation this semester because they are still too new.  All the rest of that irrelevant crap is true though.  I still would like to see a UMass board.

Fyi, I wasn't criticizing UMass.  I was criticizing your over exuberance. You are tying to hard here to seek legitimacy, consequently, having the opposite effect.  I see this all the time when less educated people go to court, often they overcompensate by using overly verbose (and usually inappropriate) language to seem smart, probably to feel involved.  They probably don't know that us educated folk are just as stupid as they are. It almost always backfires. Keep It Simple Stupid, is the best advice ever.


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